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"C" of "C my city!" comes from the concept's initial capitals,
"Children Create City Culture", and it also means "See".

How do children and young people perceive our built environment?
The virtual architectural map allows children and youngsters to tell us about it.
"C my city!" presents the child's and young person's view of buildings and other features of the built environment that they consider important. "C my city!" also showcases children's ideas about the cityscape of the future.
Children and youngsters tell us about their own home cities using words, pictures, animation and videos. "C my city!" encourages children to explore the built environment, to examine and learn and to communicate their observations to others. This project is produced by Arkki and Yutakana.

Our research article is now on Digital Creativity journal (a major peer reviewed journal).

Arkki, School of Architecture for Children and Youth is a nonprofit organization. Arkki is the first school in Finland specializing in providing architectural and environmental education to children as an after school activity.

Yutakana is a playful project planning & research group.
We produce projects using ICT in various learning places outside of school.